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Washburn Electric Guitar

The washburn ss40 electric guitar is the latest in a series of electric guitars from washburn that have been upgraded with a case. This guitar has been up- graded with a case to protect your investment. Include a $100 value on this electric guitar. For more information on this electric guitar or any of the others in the series, visit our guitarselectric. Net or contact us at (inois) we will be happy to help you find what you're looking for.

Washburn Electric Guitars

The washingburn electric guitars are some of the most popular guitars in the industry and they know how to play all sorts of styles. From country to electric blues, they have a guitar that is just perfect for any occasion. if you're looking for a guitar to play in any style you can imagine, the washingburn is the perfect choice. They have a variety of guitars available that will perfect your style. The washburn is the perfect choice. They have a variety of styles that you can choose from and it will be sure to give you the best sound possible. so if you're looking for a amazing guitar that will make you feel like a king, just be sure to check out their other products as well to see what all the hype is about. We think you'll love them!

Washburn Electric Guitar Models

This washburn electric guitar from japan is a great example of a rr-40v guitars that is made with the trusty tremolo system from the rr-40 guitar range. This guitar also features a great wonderbar tremolo system that makes for great emulation or user-just-need-it-style system for your rebels or other acoustic-electric guitars. A great choice for the right-handed player or the left-handed player with a tremolo system, this washburn electric guitar from 1988 is a great option for the price range you're looking for. this electric guitar is the darrel dimebag 333 blue lighting bolt. It has a blueface style with dineless mahogany body and a 333 watt hours nazi lumick type head. The electric guitar has a 16-fret medium action and a 22 medium action. The guitar also has a 10-stop olive harmonica set up. The electric guitar is a natural look and feel. The guitar has a red case. this limited electric guitar is from the author of the limited electric guitar, george washburn. It's aawedly designed guitar with a strong build and a black anodized aluminum body. The body has a tune-o-matic bridge, and was built for george's unique solos and sustaino-maneuvers. The guitar has a single j-clymer pre-ambient for sound and features a effects pedal tree for adding else-woofer sound. the washburn signature series electric guitar is made with one of the most advanced and advanced in terms of hardware on the market, you'll be able to hear the difference with the washburn n1. This guitar has a totally custom designed gig bag that has been designed with bettencourt in mind. Not only does washburn offer this guitar with a gig bag, but with the new n1 model, which has a gig bag and a pre-amp, you'll be able to experience the power and features of the washburn signature series electric guitar.