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Synsonics Electric Guitar

The pro series electric strat style Guitar is one of our most popular models, it grants a black-white electric pickup that gives it a clean sound. The body is produced of solid wood, and the Guitar gives an umber finish, it comes with a physical-playable guitar, which you can use to practice your strumming and playing the songs you know.

Synsonics Electric Guitar With Speaker

This electric Guitar with speaker is an 1990 s-era design that combines advanced features with easy-to-use controls, it includes a charged battery, wireless speaker, and1 x8 or 8 x8 singing banjo pickups. The Guitar gives a system that lets you control the power of the speaker with your hand, and a polypropylene body with logo, the terminator electric Guitar is designed for rock and blues lovers. It features an electric sound with the help of synsonics' advanced technology, this Guitar is top-of-the-heap for lovers who are searching for an advanced and powerful electric guitar. The electric Guitar extends a built-in amplifier that makes it first-rate for playing with, this Guitar also comes with a receiver that can provide you with the best sound ever. The pro series electric Guitar neck plate and neck joint is designed to help you achieve a first-rate sound and action for your specific playing style, the neck joint is produced from durable hard anodized aluminum and the body is fabricated from lightweight anodized aluminum. They both have a variety of bells and whistles to help you achieve a valuable sound and action for your specific guitar, the neck joint also includes a "t" mark for tremolo, a "w" mark for wah-ndkiing, a "z" mark for "zinc-coated" on the plating, and a "k" mark for the type of silver father's. The plating is a high-quality, heavy-gauged anodized aluminum that is sure to with your pro series electric guitar.