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Mitchell Md200 Double Cutaway Electric Guitar

The Mitchell Double Cutaway electric Guitar is a first-rate electric Guitar for admirers with a sweet spot that is excellent for acoustic or electric playing, with an easy-to-use controls system, this Guitar is sure to please. The modern design and sound of this Guitar make it a splendid alternative for both classical and electric playing.

Mitchell Md200 Double Cutaway Electric Guitar Amazon

The Mitchell double-cutaway electric Guitar is an enticing electric Guitar for any rock or blues band, with an american made double-cutaway, this Guitar is lightweight and comfortable to play. The gloss-black finish is dandy for any room and the anodized aluminum plate gives the Guitar a durable look, the pick guard and hardware are also a first rate addition to each electric Guitar set. The Double Cutaway electric Guitar is a top-of-the-heap electric Guitar for both classical and bluegrass styles, it features a hardshell case and an aftermarket for adding extra hardware ord-joints. The electric Guitar also features Double Cutaway design that makes it effortless to play, the extends a standardi-c system that allows you to adjust the of the guitar. The Mitchell Double Cutaway electric Guitar is a peerless way for admirers digging for an electric Guitar that produces a good amount of sound, the Cutaway design gives the Guitar plenty of support and the red seaglass green finish is sensational for any effects the Guitar imparts a quality look and feel that will make you feel at ease. The Double Cutaway design means that the strings are evenly distributed throughout the guitar's body, which gives the guitar's sound a better quality.