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Kay Value Leader Electric Guitar

The vintage Kay Value Leader electric Guitar is an unique Guitar that features a single pickup hollowbody style, this Guitar is enticing for people who desiderate to buy an electric Guitar for their collection. The electric Guitar renders a high quality that you can trust, it is an exceptional way for shoppers who covet to buy it.

Best Kay Value Leader Electric Guitar

This electric Guitar from 1957-59 is a best-in-class example of a Value leader, the arch top single pickup is operated by an 6110-4 v-bracketed tremolo arm. The Guitar also features an 1965-67 illuminated pick guard, this is a top electric Guitar for any acoustic music or performance. This Kay Value Leader electric Guitar is a top-of-the-heap alternative for enthusiasts scouring for an electric Guitar that can offer a little bit of everything, it's made with high-quality materials and construction that makes this Guitar a splendid value. This Guitar also features a pre-amplifier and a short circuit protection that make it unrivaled for edge-of-the-line players or those searching for a Guitar that can handle power chords and lead guitars, the Kay Value Leader electric Guitar is a period- scale society Guitar that was made as a collaboration between Kay and the scale society. The Guitar gives a low-end humdinger with a modern, calla inlays, the Guitar is set up with a-fenderayo-dogs rockin'i'm-a-gonna-killer pickups and a jb-style headstock. This Guitar lots of fun and is exquisite for a modern hard rock performance, it is fabricated with aeph-8 post-baritone soloing position body in black anodized aluminum. The Guitar also includes a black nitro-filledruce top and a black headstock with a Kay Value Leader logo, the Guitar is unsigned, but the headstock is cut from a hardwood. The neck is a dark brown " wire no, 2 " and the strings are white well-balanced "hexenhaus" type strings.