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Hofner Electric Guitar

The hofner electric guitar is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a small, lightweight andaffordable guitar. This guitar has a digital platform that makes it easy to use, and the hd controller makes it easy to on and off the stage. The guitar also features a cadillac green hairdo and a green "t" in the center of the guitar's design.

Hofner Verythin Pearl Gold

Vintage 1960's Hofner Electric Guitar

If you're looking for an amazing vintage 1960's hofner electric guitar, then you've come to the right place. This guitar is in top condition and isagneously affordable. Not only is the hofner one of the most iconic guitars in the world, but it can be found for a great price as well. So what are you waiting for? Buy the hofner today!

Hofner Club Electric Guitar

The hofner club electric is a great guitar for those who want a budget-friendly option that can handle electric play. It has a black finish and is equipped with an electric guitar gig bag and a few small jinns. This guitar is also available with a black wick and an electric guitar with a different wick, such as a rothbury special. The shorty electric guitar has a die-cast metal headstock and a flamed maple neck which gives it a sleek look. the hofner shorty electric travel guitar is the perfect partner for your next music performance. With its sleek black design and shotose neck, this guitar is sure to give you an edge when performing. The shorty electric travel guitar also comes with a root beer can bag, giving you the perfect way to promote your music without having to carry around an excessive amount of money. this hip looking electric bass guitar is a hoffner shorty travel full scale neck electric bass guitar. It has a black gig bag and is built to a shorty scale design. The electric bass guitar has a vintage looking hofner electric neck and presidential scaleiom. The electric guitar is this hip looking electric bass guitar is a hoffner shorty travel full scale neck electric bass guitar. The electric guitar is vintage, hofner, shorty, travel, scale, electric, bass, 4 string, black, gig, bag, hoffner the hofner shorty electric travel guitar is a great electric guitar for bluegrass and blue-collar players. The guitar has a light, hofner shorty electric travel guitar blue. Is made with quality materials and contains all the features you need to rock out on the go. Give it a try for your enjoyment.