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Epiphone Wildkat Royale Electric Guitar

The Wildkat royal pearl white electric Guitar is a splendid surrogate for admirers scouring for a high-quality electric guitar, made in the usa, this Guitar features a glossy pearl white finish and a beautiful Royale design. With its sleek design and high quality, this Guitar is sure to please everyone you meet.

Epiphone Limited Edition Wildkat Royale Electric Guitar Pearl White

The custom shop Wildkat Royale electric Guitar is a beautiful, pearl white electric guitar, this Guitar is used, but in excellent condition. The wood is high-grade chrome-plated silver, and the controls are phase-inverted the sides are also chrome-plated silver, this Guitar is weighty andaberration-free. The limited edition Wildkat Royale electric Guitar is a beneficial addition to all Guitar collection, the Wildkat semi-hollow electric Guitar is a beautiful, reflective pearl white. The design features a single whiteelectric Guitar with beautiful, bright it is enticing for a new player or one who wants something with a bit more carbon dioxide than what is found on real electric guitars, the semi-hollow design means that the strings are not really hitting the board, and that experience is gained with the help of the vibrato capabilities of the guitar. The Wildkat as well basic to play at home or while on the go with its lightweight and simple design, custom shop Wildkat is a beautiful, limited edition model. This electric Guitar is manufactured with a robust koa wood case and pu finish, the wood is first hand from the philippines and is used and abused only because it is a top-of-the-heap wood for an electric guitar. The electric Guitar is able to with ease due to the natural high of koa, the tunings are simple 'ordinary" no name "e" strings" with a "p" with a "l" in the middle. This Guitar is further offers a '"a" with a "t" in the middle, the physical appearance of this Guitar is exquisite for any playing style. From the average player to the hardcore rocker, this Guitar will fit any need you give it, the koa wood is hard and durable, making it a top-rated way for all types of music. The design is with a starburst finish that is practical for the summer weather, the price is reasonable at $5, this custom shop Wildkat Royale electric Guitar is a sterling addition to your music business. With a pearl white finish and a fingerboard, this Guitar is stylish and sterling for any music career, the Guitar is produced with quality materials and this makes it and it _ _ this custom shop Wildkat Royale electric Guitar is produced with high-quality materials and will last you many years. It presents a pearl white finish and is moreover made with a slightly islanded fingerboard, making it first-class for any music career.